Food and drinks are one of the fast moving products not just in Malaysia but all around the world, as food and drinks are essential needs for man to survive. Demand for food and drinks increases parallel with the world population. Globally the demand for food and drinks defer based on location, education and religion practice by man. Islam being the second largest religion in the world also has set specific requirements for food and drinks which is known as halal food and drinks. Muslim must abide to these requirements as a sign of devotion to Allah s.w.t (God). This training program is aimed to furnish the participants both Muslim and Non- Muslim to understand the requirements in producing halal food and drinks. The focus in on Halal Food Supply Chain which starts from the source of raw materials to the consumption of halal food and drinks, as always been highlighted as `From Farm to Fork’. This course will enrich participants with exposure and elevate participant knowledge in defining and translating the general requirement to required practices in the production area. This practice is also known as Halal Best Practices will ensure the premise to comply with the basic requirements for Malaysia Halal Certification.

Training Objective:

  1. To expose participant to the general requirement for Malaysia Halal Certification
  2. To assist participants in translate general halal requirements into best halal practices at their work place.
  3. To enhance participants knowledge with various type of examples currently practice in the industry
  4. To nurture participants creativity in implementing halal food and drinks requirements at their work place.
  5. To boost participant responsibility towards producing halal food and drinks and maintaining its integrity