Stated in MS1500: 2009 in clause 3.1 Management Responsibility

3.1.1. The management shall appoint Muslim halal executive officer or establish a committee which consist of Muslim personnel who are responsible to ensure the effectiveness in implementation on internal halal control system.

3.13 The management shall ensure that sufficient resources (i.e. manpower, facility, financial and infrastructure) are provided in order to implement the halal control system.

These two requirements under clause 3.1 Management Responsibility stressed on the implementation of halal control system. Halal control system is one of the cores for Malaysia Halal Certification. The absence of halal control system may results in products or services becoming non-halal and failure in the system results in withdrawal or revoke of the Malaysia Halal Certificate from the premise.

Workshop on Halal Assurance Management System (HAS) is a 2 days training program which aim to give a structured guideline for participants in understanding the principle of HAS and basic steps in producing the HAS Manual.

This program will enable participants to:

  • Understand halal control system principles
  • Identify method for identifying critical raw material/ material
  • Identify significant halal hazards using reliable tools
  • Understand the concept of HAS monitoring system
  • Be exposed to verification activities namely internal halal verification
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