Man needs food to survive, unfortunately food can become the source of illness if not being prepared in a hygiene manner.  In Malaysia, food poisoning cases was mainly caused by insanitary food handling procedures. The rate of unhygienic premises decreases in 20131 due to increase in monitoring program conducted by Ministry of Health.

Malaysia has been selected as the number one destination for Muslim tourist, therefore it is important to ensure the food, we Malaysians serve to our visitors are of good quality and safe for consumption.  Quality and safe foods are prepared by food handlers who implement Good Hygiene Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or Good Catering Practices (GCP).

GMP or GCP are procedures which dictates food and drinks to be prepared in an environment which is clean and hygienic, using quality and safe ingredients and ensuring no contamination occurs during processing of food and drinks.

The objectives of the program:

  1. To introduce the type food contaminants and factors effecting food and drink.
  2. To enhance knowledge on food safety system requirements such as premise, process control, material control and others
  3. To relate food safety elements to the daily practices in food processing area
  4. To highlights the importance of crucial practices such segregation of equipment and utensils, temperature control, proper storage and personnel hygiene.